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Butch and Sundance. Turk and JD. LeBron and his boys. These are some examples of unabashed hetero boy-on-boy love.

More Than a Game – director Kristopher Belman’s emotional and engaging documentary – began as a 10 minute student film, but turned into a feature because he was so captured by the camaraderie of the guys on the team. Essentially, it tells the story of the five starters for the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School basketball team, four of whom had been best friends and teammates since they were ten years old. The team is coached by Dru Joyce, whose son Dru Jr. is one of the starters.

One of the players happens to be LeBron James, but the movie is not just about him. It’s about the close and intimate bonds that men can create (and should not be afraid to) as friends, as brothers (real and metaphorical) and as fathers and sons. This film joins Hoop Dreams and The Heart of the Game as one of the best sports documentaries ever. What is it about basketball I wonder?

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