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TO Screenshots Cast Awards

Thanks again to @toscreenshots for compiling a list of the best as voted by an eclectic selection of people who see too many movies. What I love about this list is it covers a very...

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Review: The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines kind of felt like was watching three films, instead of one. Not in a bad way, just that there were three completely different stories each with their own climax...

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Review: Much Ado About Nothing

I had so many questions that I didn’t ask in the Much Ado About Nothing Q&A. “Who worked on the stunt choreography for some of the pratfalls because they looked pretty dangerous?” or “the...

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Review: From Up On Poppy Hill

I love seeing at least one or two animated movies during TIFF. For one thing while an indie that has yet to secure North American distribution may not have had a final theatre-friendly cut...

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He does more than drive

If you enjoyed Nicholas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising because of the minimalist script, intense close up shots of the delicious male lead and the sudden and vicious bursts of violence then you may love...

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Highlights so far

So far I really enjoyed Up on Poppy Hill, The Artist, Pearl Jam Twenty, Drive, Take This Waltz, God Bless America, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Shame, The Lady, Countdown and Like Crazy.

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Review: Trigger

Trigger was on my pre-post-it-flag list for the festival, but it didn’t make the cut. While it had a couple of things going for it that I look for in a festival movie –...

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P’s Choice Awards – 2005

Found this in an old journal – if you’re looking for something to rent this winter there are some good suggestions. Original title – Must have been the immaculate infection The title of this...

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The Dude Rides

Hate westerns, loved True Grit. If Jeff Bridges hadn’t already won an Oscar last year for Crazy Heart I would say he should get one this year for this performance as the antihero with...

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P’s Choice Awards

So this is a little late this year. Wanted to get this in before I head to to the Box o Light this Friday to see Batman Returns and the Burton Exhibit. Best Musical...