The emperor’s old clothes

Valentino: The Last Emperor was a love story about Valentino’s longtime partnership with Giancarlo Giammetti and a love letter to the world of couture. His signature creations from the past 45 years provide a lush backdrop to the his emotional journey during the planning of a celebration of his career. We are given a look behind the runway, from seeing his sketches get draped, then transformed by the army of seamstresses into some of the most beautiful dresses in the world. The nuts and bolts of the mounting of a show are handled by Giametti, who is very patient with Valentino’s demands. The odd exclamation of ‘Mama mia’ is one of the only outward signs of frustration Giametti exhibits when Valentino is not satisfied with something. They are the ultimate power couple.

The film makes you want to see more beautiful things in the world. And it kind of makes you wish for just one day you could be one of his pugs that travel in his jet and scamper around the villa.

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