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Too Big. FAIL 0

Too Big. FAIL

If you google ‘biggest film festivals’ TIFF will be referenced in most of the top ten results returned. It may not be the largest or most influential festival in the world, but the combination...

Your cellphone is not a fucking lantern 0

Your cellphone is not a fucking lantern

I’d say this whole post is one big spoiler – but on the remote chance you actually read this blog, you probably already watch too many movies/tv shows as it is. Hang a lantern...

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Why Lines and not Online?

Over the last few years I have heard the lament in every lineup at every point – the dropoff, the pickup, the rush-why is this not all online yet? Why must the love of...

Easy A 0

Easy A

Looks like a good candidate for a war-torn doc heavy day.

It burns 0

It burns

I love my idevices. They are bright and shiny and beautiful and whenever I unbox  a new one I instantly turn into Gollum and hunch over it rubbing and stroking and calling it my...

P’s Choice Awards 0

P’s Choice Awards

I will probably post reviews for some of the others movies that I saw, but in some cases I either did not like or dislike the movie enough to spend any time writing about...

Bitch Slap Q & A 0

Bitch Slap Q & A

I realize I get more hits when there are pictures of attractive women. I guess Peggy was right when she told Don that sex sells.

Something Good 0

Something Good

Today I’d like to thank my iPhone for saving me from weeping on the subway after Balibo. The first song that played after turning it on was Chaka Khan, Tell me Something Good. The...