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The recession’s hit a lot of people and businesses hard over the past year. It looks like TIFF was no exception. In what I can only assume is a cost cutting measure, they’ve decided to recycle the same commercials they used last year. These are the dozen or so advertisements played at the beginning of every single move of the festival. In the 10+ years I’ve done TIFF this is the first time they haven’t used new ads on the captive audience.

The Universal sponsored “Thank the volunteers” is the same one they used last year and the various introductions for the Cadillac People’s Choice Awards are the exact same series as last year too (ironically enough carrying the tag line “be an original”). Usually I don’t get sick of seeing the same commercials over and over again throughout TIFF until about my 10th movie (on or about the fourth day of the festival). This year I’m sick of them on day one, film one. Nice.

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