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Thirsty Travellers

@highlandertn posted a helpful matrix showing foot travel time between theatres for TIFF11. As someone who is not getting any younger and needs a little pick me up between films I will share my...

Canteen 0

Canteen – Didn’t Suck

Ok, it was lovely, such a lovely experience in fact that I may be willing to forgo my informal ban on solids at the O & B family of restos. I had a bad...

No more creamy goodness 0

No more creamy goodness

The gelato place in the Toronto Life Centre closed. I’m taking a moment to remember the good times.

Creamy goodness 2

Creamy goodness

You know, I wrote the title for this post, then had a moment where I felt bad for someone who may end up at this page after googling for ‘creamy goodness’. Then I googled...