Creamy goodness

You know, I wrote the title for this post, then had a moment where I felt bad for someone who may end up at this page after googling for ‘creamy goodness’.

Then I googled the phrase, and I didn’t see anything that porny at the top of the result set. Sometimes I underestimate the internet. I should probably try to learn a lesson from this.

So, gelato. I frakking love it. Part of me thinks this is because the creamy texture actually allows me to consume it in even greater quantities than regular ice cream. I have a new trainer at my gym because there is a new gelateria at Toronto Life Square, Vici Gelateria & Café.

It’s not cheap, but I don’t care, this stuff is yummy and I plan to have a different flavour every day of the festival. Or maybe just have the stracciatella 20 times.

Creamy goodness
Creamy goodness
My stracciatella
My stracciatella

Yes I know the festival is only 10 days. I ate gelato twice the day I took these pictures. Stop judging me.

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