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TO Screenshots Cast Awards

Thanks again to @toscreenshots for compiling a list of the best as voted by an eclectic selection of people who see too many movies. What I love about this list is it covers a very broad range because we all just program our own festival, then send him a list at the end of what we [...]

Brand New Funk

I asked my friend to smell me. I knew I was still clean in my heart and head, but not my nose. My nose was immersed in the aroma of Scotia. So much so that I could no longer tell when the scents of strangers ended and I began. This Sunday afternoon there was a [...]

Power Bar

Those of us that remember the birth of the Lightbox recall when the Luma Lounge was the Blackberry Lounge. One major feature of the Blackberry Lounge was the Blackberry chargers all along the marble bars. When the branding agreement ended the holes for the cords and the chargers were removed, but the outlets are still [...]

My Kingdom for a Hoverboard

Have my first short transition today. Lightbox to Ryerson in under an hour between Tim’s Vermeer and Only Lovers Left Alive. The voyage has an added level of difficulty because huge sections of King between the Lightbox and Roy Thompson Hall are closed for red carpet shenanigans. The plan will be to scamper out of [...]

Two Seasons, One Festival

We have two seasons in Toronto. Winter (so Stark) and construction. Every year the natural inefficiency of the first days of TIFF overlap with the denouement of construction season. Inevitably not only will you be waylaid on your way to films during the first few movies, so will the talent and the programmers on their [...]

When to line up at the Elgin

Had a friend ask when they should line up for the Elgin. As usual with TIFF there are no easy answers. It’s a huge theatre with horrible sight lines if you are on the side or behind tall people. Also leg room is not great. Not as bad as the Ryerson where circulation goes to die, [...]

You’re So Money

During the pre-search for TIFF some films jump out and smack you like they’re mad at you, ride you hard and leave you wet and wanting to just place your order. This year the first time I actually screamed to a deity during my perusal of the site was when I read this Unforgiven But wait, [...]

2013 Selection Pre-Search

Picked up the 2013 Entertainment Weekly Fall Movie Preview. This year I went for a physical and digital copy instead of buying two copies (one for work and one for home). Every year I go into this thinking that there are going to be nearly 300 movies to choose from so I don’t need to [...]

Pick Your Package

Packages for TIFF members go on sale June 25. Visa cardholders can buy their packages on July 3. Everyone else can buy their packages July 10. There is a handy wizard on the TIFF site to help you pick your package. They ask you if you want to get a good value, or if you [...]

Review: The Place Beyond The Pines

The Place Beyond The Pines kind of felt like was watching three films, instead of one. Not in a bad way, just that there were three completely different stories each with their own climax and denouement. It was long, but in my TIFF-dehydrated state it was doable. Note: maybe Derek Cianfrance can talk to Peter [...]