Using shoes as Weapons

theronpunch This week I talk to my friend Erin who lives Mordor-adjacent in NZ. Even though she isn’t caught up on Game of Thrones we talk about the way we describe female vs male characters. She talks about her local film fest in NZ. A brief mention of one of her fave films from that festival The Party.

Erin and I discuss what we enjoyed about Atomic Blonde. We get to go in a bit on how Sofia Boutella actually got to give a performance where she wasn’t buried under makeup or bouncy knife legs. Inevitable tangents include talk of RollerCon, using shoes as a weapon, the Geeks and Beats podcast and how to rank historical things on a woke meter. Did we like the movie? Much like the plot of Atomic Blonde that’s beside the point, we loved the way it looked and the way it made us feel. We talk about about how the summer has had a bunch of great lady ish. and get super Canadian with talk Anne of Green Gables.

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