Just the TIFF part 3

 Mel and I talk TIFF planning – but first Crazy Rich Asians and Blackkklansman. We really love one of them and we really loved Malcom X. Perhaps TIFF will do a Spike Lee retrospective and we can unpack our very disjointed thoughts.

Big ups to Pauletta Washington.

Full TIFF schedule is out and we talk about our early top picks that open in the first half of TIFF18

Mel convinces me to add a movie to my long list merely because she drops some next level knowledge about The Interrotron.

  • Widows
  • Kursk
  • The Wedding Guest
  • If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Monsters and Men
  • Anthropocene
  • Hotel Mumbai
  • That Time of Year
  • Farming
  • Angelo
  • Where Hands Touch
  • American Dharma
  • Float Like A Butterfly
  • The Weekend
  • Free Solo
  • The Sweet Requiem
  • Boy Erased

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