We Want to be Norwegian Fearmongers

fearmonger  Show dog is miraculously quiet this week. Mel and I enjoyed The Get Down, however we found the pilot episode a bit long, but based on how much we go on about it I’d say we like it – and I know we love Shameik Moore.

Apologies to Linda Holmes, I incorrectly attributed your baller tweet to Joanna Robinson

We go through the rest of Mel’s early picks we didn’t get to go through last week and take a deep dive on the Midnight Madness programme.

Trespass Against Us – because Fassbender

King of the Dancehall  – because Nick Cannon was fantastic in Chiraq

City of Tiny Lights – because Riz Ahmed

The Birth of a Nation – because Sundance buzz

American Honey – because Andrea Arnold

The Handmaiden 

American Pastoral 


Midnight Madness 

The Get Down 

Strictly Ballroom 

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