It burns

I love my idevices. They are bright and shiny and beautiful and whenever I unbox  a new one I instantly turn into Gollum and hunch over it rubbing and stroking and calling it my precious.

Movie theatres are dark. I’m not sure if they have to be, I mean I can watch a movie on tv at home with the lights on but at the movies they like to keep it dark when the show starts.

I love movies. I take my vacation every September and see over 20 movies at the film festival.

What I don’t love is the bright shiny light of a device getting in the way of my suspension of frakkin’ disbelief and taking me out of the wondrous spell created by the filmaker during a frakkin’ movie.

Hoping this year there is MUCH less localized light emission during the films, but with the advent of the iPad I’m not holding out much hope that people will get their rub on and then power down before the show starts.

No affiliation whatsoever

This is not an official TIFF site. If it was I would not have to wait in so many lineups with my festival knapsack full of water, snacks, sunscreen and other supplies.


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