A pause on the festival postings to do some prep work related to my real life – sitting on my butt watching TV at home instead of movies all over town.

  • Clear out some of the old eps of Battlestar on the PVR
  • Schedule recording of the season premiere of Terminator on Monday
  • Schedule recording of the series premiere of Fringe on Tuesday
  • Schedule recording of Gossip Girl
  • Make sure Coronation Street is set up for daily recording
  • Add reminder to my iCal to pick up the next Buffy issue (my regular comic book guy didn’t get a shipment last week)

I realized today after my panicked call home to get boyfriend to record Mad Men that I was neglecting my regular couch potato duties. I love movies, but the other 11 months of the year it’s me and the TV and a girl has to keep up with her stories.

However I will not recording the new 90210. The first episode was not terrible, but I watched the original – and I’m not feeling it this time around. I get my David Silver fix on Terminator. Except better because he’s all hot and muscly now.

I’ll post more about the movies I saw today, but tomorrow is a five movie day, and as entertaining as it was to hear the words ‘Steven Speilberg’ and ‘Fuck’ in the same sentence multiple times in the Zack and Miri Q and A I have to get to sleep.

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