P’s Choice Awards – 2005

Found this in an old journal – if you’re looking for something to rent this winter there are some good suggestions.

Original title – Must have been the immaculate infection

The title of this entry is one of the best lines in Little Athens (re: the passing of an STD from skanky girlfriend to angry boyfriend), one of the top ten movies out of the 30 or so I saw at the festival last week. In no particular order here are some of the other films I enjoyed, and some of my thoughts. I wasn’t planning to write this tonight, but tomorrow I go back to the bad place, and my week of fantasy and festival funk will officially be over. Also, do not get excited at the idea of festival funk. I am not referring to some sort of urban soiree, but rather the smell of the Paramount theatre…and the guy that sat next to me in the Dave Chappelle movie, and to be honest, me at the end of any 4 or 5 movie day.

Other good movies – La vie avec mon père – the last and best French movie we saw. The other two will not be named, as they were French from France and sucked ass. This one was French from Canada and made me not hate the sound of the language again. David Le Haye is fantastic.

SPL Kung Fu fun. The ‘professional’ reviewer that sat next to me didn’t like it, but it finished with a great knife fight and an even better hand-to-hand scene that looked like something out of WWF. It was so good I didn’t even recognize one of the lead characters from a way crappier film I saw earlier in the week.

Banlieue 13 Apparently the opening foot-chase scene that goes through, around and over an entire neighbourhood is already available for viewing on the internet. Great stuff. And I guess when I think about it, this was the other good French movie, but the action was so good, I forgot it was French when I spent the better part of the week cursing their country and the programmer of the other two dramatic pieces (of crap).

Neverwas Britney Murphy was not annoying. And the story was very, very sweet.

One last thing… Most likely to make you cry like a little bitch award goes to this movie. I laughed. I cried. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The last hangman Was really educational, if you want to know how the English used to go about hanging people. I really learned a lot about the specifics of hanging. Not recommended for the depressed. A little information can be a dangerous thing.

The Proposition Ultraviolent Australian western. Not for the faint of heart. I was a little queasy, and I usually giggle at the bit in Reservoir Dogs when Mr. Blonde starts dancing. Fantastic costumes.

Thumbsucker Keanu Reeves was really funny. I don’t know if he was trying to be funny, but he was.

Romance and Cigarettes Worth it just to see James Gandolfini burst into a song-and-dance number.

The two movies I enjoyed the most, and will pay money to see again in the theatre are actually a couple of movies that sold for the most here in the T-dot. Thank you for Smoking and Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. I will have to see them both again because there were moments in both when I was laughing so hard I missed the next joke. Both of these films were fantastic. I loved all the music at the Block Party. I want to give these films my money again so people will make more movies like this. And sadly money is the only thing some of these fools understand.

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