Review: Wasted on the Young

Another great pick from Jane Schoettle, Wasted on the Young opens with a moment of stillness from the emotionally bankrupt and perpetually charismatic Zack. From the very beginning you are asking yourself what happened to these kids. The chilling and depressing answer is that at every decision point popular opinion is what drives the outcome of the story, not what is right, wrong, true or false.

The very talented cast brings a realistic portrayal of self-involved teens at an exclusive private school to life in a surreal and over-saturated canvas. The school, the pools, the parties are just the green-screen environment for the kids-their “reality” is defined by what happens on their computers and cell phones. Who you are and what you may or may not have done is decided by popular vote via text message and wall postings. If the wisdom of the crowds decides you are a trusted source, you can get away with anything.
Great casting for every role (although they aren’t all entirely believable as teenagers, but the average age gap is no worse than that for the cast of original and new 90210). Great editing, chilling story, and overall an amazing film.

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