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After hearing about an alleged swarming/assault involving a group of boys from my old high school, I realized when questioning the friend that told me about it that I fully expected there to be a reason. Partially beacuse they were boys, and most of the gentlemen I know of from high school-like most I know now try to avoid drama. And usually if they start somthing, there is usually a cause (not that anything justifies violence) that is common knowledge to those involved.

I think if I had heard that it was a group of girls, I would not have expected the reason to be known already. Whether it’s a high school in Scarborough or a boarding school half a century ago in the UK, I think the common factor amongst all girls of a certain age is the propensity to hold on to grudges and secrets with equal ferocity.

Cracks takes us deeper into girl world than Mean Girls. Compared to present day the unofficial hierarchy in relationships is more strictly enforced based on rank within the school. The same factors can increase or decrease the power one might wield within the group, attractiveness, talent, personal wealth, and of course the most important, the desire for leadership.

In the film when a new girl arrives with an abundance of gifts in all areas except without the thirst for status and power, she throws the equilibrium of the entire group out of balance. Their diving coach, Miss G, played as a slightly left-of-sane Pygmalion by Eva Green is equal parts seductive, childlike and nuts.

However the most disturbing character to me when watching the film was the
mob. No one girl will ever be as powerful or potentially destructive as a group hell-bent on destruction.

A good effort by first-time director Jordan Scott, although the pacing was a bit slow in the first act, and a bit rushed in the end.

PN grade: B-

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