Review: Daytrippers

This movie was great. Set in 2019 the world’s population has been infected by vampirism. Only 5% of the human population remains human and most of them are harvested for their blood. Society has advanced considerably now that everyone is a vampire, but everything takes place at night. Homes and offices have no windows and cars are equipped with daytime shielding and cameras.

Our hero (played by Ethan Hawke) is a scientist working for the corporation that supplies the world with blood (lead by Sam Neil). While Hawk’s character attempts to synthesis human blood, the vampire society is on the verge on collapse as the dwindling supply of humans die. But Hawke is a reluctant vampire and is sympathetic to humans. He meets a human who has been cured of his vampirism (played by Willim Dafoe) and together they try to create a cure that can be massed produced.

This film is a good balance of sci-fi, horror and action thriller. The look and style of the move reminded me a lot of the original Matrix and Minority Report. Expect this one to hit mainstream theaters and when it does go see it. You’ll be glad you did.

Derek’s grade: A

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