So what movies did you like?

So I go back to work tomorrow and will have to answer the inevitable question “so what was the best movie you saw?”

Here’s the thing about TIFF – while you do get your fair share of mainstream picks, you also get a lot of pedophilia, incest and tears. Not necessarily the types of movies that you would rec to the boss. So this posting is mostly to help remind me at a glance what I watched and liked – and also to help me when I am building my schedule during TIFF10.

When thinking about my approach for next year, I did have a moment of – why not just make it an all Jane/Thom/Colin festival – but then I wouldn’t have seen the totally awesome Cell 211.

So for now to help me remember what (and who) I liked, I’m going to list the movies I saw, separated by programmer with the ones I would watch again/recommend in bold.

Cameron Bailey

Fish Tank

Good Hair


Noah Cowan

The Informant!

Colin Geddes

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Bitch Slap


Steve Gravestock

Year of the Carnivore

Valhalla Rising

Piers Handling

Nr. Nobody

Michèle Maheux



Raymond Phathanavirangoon


Thom Powers

Waking Sleeping Beauty

Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags


Diana Sanchez

Cell 211

Jane Schoettle

Beautiful Kate

Up in the Air

Bran Nue Dae

Leaves of Grass


Tanner Hall

My Year Without Sex

Bunny & the Bull

The Vintner’s Luck

Jesse Wente


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