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If you enjoyed Nicholas Winding Refn’s Valhalla Rising because of the minimalist script, intense close up shots of the delicious male lead and the sudden and vicious bursts of violence then you may love Drive. From the first time you see Gosling behind the wheel you know that Refn is taking you somewhere entirely different. Carey Mulligan plays the perfect gamine with a taste for bad boys-her face kind of reminds me of Michelle Williams without the emotional miles on her. The main cast is round out by Albert Brooks who is at times lovable and terrifying; Ron Perlman who gets out from behind prosthetics and gets to chew a little scenery, and Bryan Cranston, an adorable man in real life who has cornered the market on playing busted and beleaguered.
The story is much like a q&a session with Refn-entertaining but not entirely expected. Go see it.

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