It was aiight

So Good had all the ingredients. Based on a successful stageplay, starring Viggo Mortensen and Jason Isaacs and set in pre-WWII Germany I kept expecting the movie to make me feel something besides resignation and disappointment. Perhaps because the story was created for the stage it never seems to really move me in the way it might if I were sitting in a the same physical space as the performers.

I suppose the question I should be asking myself is if good men do nothing, then are they truly good? Instead the film just confirms how an entire nation could end up following one zealot down the road to perdition due to a combination of aggressive recruitment of sociopaths paired with corruption and apathy on the part of the good people who never really thought things would get that bad.

Overall good performances, good cinematography, good costumes, good art direction, good sound, good editing…but overall rating is just aiight.

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