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Based on a true story, Backyard is at its core a murder-mystery. But why just make a murder mystery when you can shine a spotlight on a real-life atrocity that are not getting the media attention they deserves? This film brings the atrocities happening in Mexico and other thired world countries to the forefront. The number of sex-related murders against women committed in Mexico is unbelievable.

The film has top-notch production values and great performances (especially from Ana de la Reguera best known to North American audiences from her role in the Jack Black comedy, Nacho Libre). Jimmy Smits has a small role as a dodgy character which certainly gives this film some additional star power.

The film ends with some staggering statistic about the number of murdered women in third world countries around the world. It’s kind of hard to applaud the movie when they end it on that kind of reality-shock, downer. Overall this was a good movie with a powerful message.

Derek’s grade: B+

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