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I try not to read too many reviews before seeing a movie at the festival, but I had been exposed to some mixed reports about Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised to be entertained for the entire movie. Zack and Miri are broke best friends who decide to make a porno to make the rent. Every romcom needs a backdrop and at least this one is different and provides an organic way to bring in the usual assortment of wacky characters that help to pad the joke count.

Zack and Miri recaptures some of the sweetness of Chasing Amy with the raunch-factor we have come to expect from Mr. Smith. The titular couple really do make a porno, and the casting and production process is the most entertaining section of the film. One major critique I have for the film is that the difference between how they shot the ‘regular porn’ sex and the ‘sweet love’ sex was to do not show as much nudity and to have the characters in a very traditional missionary position. After listening to the Savage Love podcast with Dan Savage I do wish that mainstream American films would show a couple in love getting a little more freaky. A physical expression of love could have more than one position.

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