My omnivore dilemma

Food, Inc. does what a good doc should – it educates, it outrages and it inspires. The film looks at the connection between modern food production and the handful of large multinationals that control the supply from seed/chick/calf, etc. to supermarket. Cheap food has expensive consequences.

Joining the ranks of Life & Debt, The Corporation and The Future of Food, Food, Inc. forces an examination of what we take for granted – the fuel that we feed our bodies. I do my best to eat locally and in season, and I’m aware of the environmental cost of shipping food – but I can do more. If every American (that’s the primary audience) went meatless one day a week, that would be the equivalent of taking 19 million cars off the road.

P.S. As I write this, I am quite hungry. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my appetite.

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