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The seats at the AMC Theatre are very comfy, which is the only reason I stayed to the end of Sea Point Days – a documentary supposedly about post-apartheid South Africa. Sea Point is a suburb or Cape Town, and it’s once-segrated promenade and municipal pools is a place where Blacks & Whites peacefully co-exist. We are told more than once how Sea Point is different than the rest of South Africa, but not offered anything more than that pronouncement.

There’s no context for the film, which consists of long stretches of images without dialogue or anything else that might otherwise orient the viewer. We follow a few subjects – a drunk who lives on the beach (Black), some old ladies who live in a retirement home (White) and a wise fellow who maintains the swimming pool (South Asian). Are they meant to be fair representatives of their races? Who knows. We don’t even learn their names.

The director seemed to pour all of his passion into taking underwater shots in the massive Sea Point swimming pool. The description in the Programme Book is more informative.

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