A job interview in spandex

Every Little Step – I went to a party once with a bunch of dancers. I felt like a beanbag cushion in a room full of Phillipe Starck Ghost chairs. Their ropey arms, the perfect posture, their way of speaking with their entire bodies – I hated those tiny dancers. After watching the edited result of the unprecedented access the filmmakers had for the audition process for the revival of A Chorus Line I understand that they were not intentionally using their bodies to mock my movie-loving flab, but merely being what their craft demands of them.

The story of the original production is woven into the casting for the modern day production, and the featured audition pieces move between dance, vocal performances and dramatic and comedic monologues. Throughout the seemingly endless cuts the lens focuses on a small group of performers – some more experienced, and some just starting out and as we learn more about their stories as you hear more about the original cast members in their own words from the original interviews that inspired the show.

There are some truly inspired performances and even one audition that brings the grizzled old Broadway vets to tears, but the documentary, like the show is about the process of getting the job, and how it can break your heart or change your life.

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