Festival Favourite – Mads Mikkelsen

You may recognize him as hot mournful guy driving the getaway car in Flame and Citron, or the hot guy with the jacked up eye in Casino Royale or the hot bald guy in Pusher II, or the just hot guy from many many movies from Denmark. This year Mads and his hotness and his cheekbones and his deep dark eyes will be seen in Valhalla Rising. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who brought us the Pusher Trilogy (still kicking myself for not seeing it at the festival, but it was three movies in a row and I didn’t have the attention span) it features Mads as a shirtless warrior named One Eye. I still think that watching him play cards was the best part of Casino Royale, so I can’t see how watching him as a mute warrior circa 1000 AD wouldn’t be a good time.

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