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With the full list of films available you can go through and select the movies you want to see, you need to re-evaluate when it comes time to make your selections. Whether you are seeing one movie or 40 there will always be tough choices – and odds are you will occasionally end up on the wrong side of the coin toss. So go back and think about what your priorities are based on what you know. Some of the things I take into consideration are listed below.

-the actors (like realizing that Amanda Seyfried is in Jennifer’s Body, and totally changing my mind about trying to get into that movie after watching the last episode of season 1 of Veronica Mars again)

-the director (you may hear Jason Reitman and think ‘Juno backlash’ but I will always remember is the way I felt during the opening credits of Thank You For Smoking)

-the programmer (yes I will always for for Jane Schoettle over anything else when it comes to a scheduling conflict, and if I end up having a slot where it’s Jane against Jane – well there are worse problems that I could have)

-the theatre (not a factor until the schedule comes out on Tuesday, but never underestimate the appeal of the Scotiabank and it’s indoor lineups after wading through a thunderstorm to see Alatriste at the Ryerson)

-the release date (the onerous process of cross-referencing with the published release dates so that I have to consider that while I do love Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer’s Body is scheduled to be released in September)

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