Careful What You Wish For

One does not simply launch a transactional website

Here is what little I know about the new process. Please bear in mind that I washed most of this information down with about three quarters of a bottle of wine (thanks tofilmfest) and then to stop panicking I tossed another couple of beers and a shot of  JD down the gullet shortly after to settle my nerves. So you may want to go to the TIFF site and verify any or all of this information.

If you have a membership, I would strongly suggest trying to log in to the site before Monday June 25 – there have been challenges with this and if you need help they will be slammed after Monday.

Biggest change
You can get more than one ticket with the day pass for a screening.
My theory is that they didn’t give good requirements to the developer(s) building the site about the crazy business rules for each pass type and it’s too hard now to add that restriction, so this may be a one year thing.
Monday June 25 – members can buy their packages online, by phone or at the box office – I’m assuming it’s Visa
Tuesday July 3 – the public can buy packages with Visa
Monday July 9 – the public can buy packages with other major credit cards
Monday August 20 – you should receive an email telling you about the earliest possible time you are allowed to log in and place your orders online.
Tuesday August  21 – the box office opens and the program book and schedule, still in the magazine format will be available. The location is allegedly at or near the spot it was last year BUT there will be a separate box office for members, not just a separate line. Allegedly.
Online order placement for package holders will start on Thursday August 23 for the Leadership (hella money) level – the earliest Contributor times should be around Saturday, assuming all is well with the website (pause for laughter and to wipe any moisture off the monitor).
Thursday August 30 – single tickets for the wealthy. Aka the 1%.
Friday August 31 – Single tickets for the rich. If you are confused, there is a joke about Shaquille O’Neal being rich, and the guy that signed his checks being wealthy that helps with the classification.
Sunday September 2 – Single tickets for the public. Yay proletariat! w00t!
The Bloor HotDocs cinema is in – so we have another logistical issue with time between films to consider.
For the packages you can allegedly buy any combo of packages – including the $300 for 6 premium movies – each member ID (and I’m assuming guest ID) is limited to 100. So you could buy like a couple of 10s, a day pass, a 6 ticket premium etc, as long as you don’t exceed 100 tickets.
If you are considering bundling you will need to be able to create and place and order within 1 hour of logging in to the site at your appointed time. That sounds like some mission improbable ish to me, so I would suggest not going overboard, especially this first year online.

No affiliation whatsoever

This is not an official TIFF site. If it was I would not have to wait in so many lineups with my festival knapsack full of water, snacks, sunscreen and other supplies.


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