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For all my rules about picking movies based on the programmer (I love you Jane Schoettle) or doing research on other blogs or festival sites or checking the Entertainment Weekly fall movie preview issue for North American release dates I usually end up having at least 20% of my choices made just by the title of the movie. And so I anticipate having Year of the Carnivore in my list of movies this year because…I like meat. According to the short summary it’s a story of unrequited love and the screenplay was written and directed by former VJ extraordinaire Sook-Yin Lee.

Of all the former Much Music personalities I would say that Sook-Yin is in my top 5. My love for Strombo is something I neither care to explain or investigate. When I met Denise Donlon at NXNE and told her she was the wind beneath my wings I think I may have scared her a little. Master T’s cerebral interviews of urban entertainers always brought the ‘edu’ to the tainment. But Sook had me from hello. The first time I remember being charmed by her was during a Christmas-themed show on Much Music where in one segment you see her leaving out a beer for Santa…and after a few videos Santa’s glass appears to be empty. That’s my kind of girl.

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